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Aggressive Spam Defense 2.32

Aggressive Spam Defense 2.32

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Aggressive Spam Defense Publisher's Description

The advanced spam solution for your Windows desktop! Now with 4 levels of configurable protection! It can automatically delete spam, and will also color-code incoming emails according to your criteria so you can quickly see which ones are important. Most harmful email attachments (viruses, trojans etc.) are also detected and flagged as possibly dangerous. Preview suspicious emails safely without the risk of catching a virus or the email silently phoning home to the spammer. Every email that comes in is analyzed and given a spam-score based on configurable criteria. If this score grows too high, the email is flagged as spam and optionally deleted. Using this score, emails are also color-coded so you quickly can see which ones deserve your attention. When polling your email accounts in the background, you are immediately notified if an important email comes in. A big percentage of spam is detected right after installation and the program will further adapt during use. How aggressive you want it to be can easily be adjusted by dragging a slider. Multiple white-lists are available to minimize the risk of 'false positives'. A popular feature is the full control you have over all filters. They can each be altered by simply dragging a slider. All in a clean, focused and streamlined interface!

What's New in Version 2.32 of Aggressive Spam Defense

* 3-5 fold increase in processing speed - most noticable during recalculations. (v2.3 is now in certain situations almost 100 . . times faster than v1.0) . . * Updated and more accurate spam-lists. * Internel filter accuracy increased even further. * Lots of new keyboard short-cuts. * Source of email is now color-coded in safe preview. * General ac

curacy improved. . * Accuracy of spam-lists further improved. . . * Better handling of domains in email body. . * A lot of new quick access buttons that make life easier. * Fixed some problems with "bad" mailservers. * Built in tips enhanced with graphics. * New: Will now run at slightly lower priority if running in the background. . . * New: 2 new menu-options available in Safe preview which lets you change the case of the email text. This will let you . . quickly see if numbers are used to conceal letters to confuse spam-filters. . . * The tooltip hints that contain many items (email addresses and . domains) will now wrap to make them easier to read. . . * Fix: A thread affinity error on Win9x systems . . * Help is updated. .

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